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Your merchandiser team will simply need to set the producer account as “approved” to make offers. You’ll get an email upon user registration that prompts you to approve the user to make offers which can be done by clicking “approve” in the email. This link in the email is valid for 7 days. If for some reason you aren’t able to approve the user within that 7 day period, then at any time, you can manage the ability for a Farmer to make an offer in the Farmer panel of Match. Farmers will be considered Pending until you’ve given them explicit approval to make offers. We’ve built out a set of best practices in our Quickstart Guide for Agribusinesses so give it a look today.

I clicked "Approve" or "Deny" for a farmer that requested the ability to make offers through the Marketplace platform, but the action that I chose didn't work correctly.


If a tree falls in the woods, will anyone hear it? Nope, so make sure you tell your producers all about the new Marketplace solution you’ve just deployed over text, email, and your website. We’re pretty good at this whole marketing thing, so please reach out to us at for help. You can also use our free Quickstart Guide for Agribusinesses to hit the ground running. The registration process is easy for producers once they are aware of what to do. We can get content on your website within a day.


  • AgTrax - Depending on your current subscription there may be an API access fee that is due to support an integration into your Marketplace app

  • Agris / Cultura - Agris is available across a number of different packages (Grain, Retail, Agribusiness). Within each of these packages you can subscribe to Standard, Advanced, or Elite. Read API access is typically included within Advanced, and Read/Write is typically included with Elite.

  • AgVantage - Please refer to your account representative

  • Agvance - Please refer to your account representative

  • Beyond - Please refer to your account representative

  • iRely - iRely users will need to be on the i21 system instead of the legacy Origin / Summit system. At a minimum the i21 deployment will need to be v21.1 in order to support iRely’s REST API

  • Oakland - Please refer to your account representative

  • Vertical Systems - Please refer to your account representative