Quickstart Guide - Match

This guide is designed for our elevator partners to get their Match offer system setup. If you’re interested in learning more about Marketplace and how you can connect better with your producers, please take a look at our Marketplace pages



Congratulations on the decision to use the cmdty Match to manage your offer book. We couldn’t be happier to have you onboard as a customer and the whole cmdty@barchart.com team is excited to work with you. This guide is designed to get you started using Match within cmdtyView. You’ll be working up custom bids to your producers in no time.


Go-to-Market Checklist

Here are all the things you should do to ensure success. Our product experts are standing by to help you along the way, so just shoot us a note at connect@barchart.com if you have any questions.

Let’s get you setup and get your offer book looking fresh. We’ve done this before.

1) Get each of your grain buyers / merchandisers setup with cmdtyView

  • In order to use Match your grain buying team will need access to cmdtyView

  • Once in cmdtyView our connect@barchart.com team will work with your employees to configure their Match profile (basically your Merchandiser details)

  • Get your account profiles setup with information that will increase engagement (profile photo and title) with your producers. Did you know that having a profile photo can improve engagement by over 2,000%? At a minimum we need to make sure your company logo shows up in the profile photo.

2) Get your growers onboarded into the system

3) Work up your first custom bid / offer to your producers

That’s it. You’re done. Wasn’t that easy?

Before you go

As partners in growing your business, it’s our responsibility to work with you to ensure success. Please reach out to cmdty@barchart.com with any feedback