Add Historical Study Data

Historical study data on over 90 technical indicators is accessible via the Chart and History icons. For Historical data, after a symbol is selected and placed into the insert pane you will see a Apply Study button.


Click on the Apply Study button and a menu will display with all the available indicators. 


Click on an indicator and you can then edit the parameters including period and source (OHLC). 


Once the study is customized, hit apply and select other indicators or click away from the indicator drop down menu. The study will appear in the insert panel below the symbol. 


Add as many studies as required from the list, select your fields and historical options, and then click insert and the corresponding data will display in the spreadsheet. 



For Charts, the same steps will provide historical indicator data directly to the chart. Once a symbol is selected, click the Apply Study button and make the required indicator selection and update the parameters. Once a study is applied, you can edit the study by clicking the Edit Study button. 


Once finished applying studies, you update your Historical preferences and then click insert to view the chart. 


Available Studies


Moving Average

Moving Average Envelope

Moving Average Envelope Exponential

Moving Average Envelope Smoothed

Moving Average Exponential

Rate Of Change

Triple Exponential

Moving Average Exponential 2X

Moving Average Exponential 3X

Moving Average High/Low

Moving Average Smoothed

Moving Average Triangular

Moving Average Weighted

Volume Moving Average

MACD Oscillator

MACD Oscillator Exponential

Percentage Price Oscillator

Percentage Volume Oscillator

Average Directional Index

Modified Average Directional Index

Moving Standard Deviation (required for Bollinger studies)

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Width

Bollinger Bands %B

Typical Price (required for CCI)

Commodity Channel Index

Parabolic Time/Price

Percent Change

Stochastic, Fast

Stochastic, Slow

Average True Range

Adjusted Average True Range

Change Over Average True Range

Relative Strength Index

Relative Strength Index Modified

Stochastic RSI

Percent R

Historical Volatility


Aroon Up/Down

Aroon Oscillator

Awesome Oscillator

Close Location Value

Chaikin Money Flow

Chaikin Accumulation Distribution

Accumulation/Distribution Williams

Chaikin Oscillator

Chaikin Volatility

Chande Momentum Oscillator

Coppock Curve

Detrended Price Oscillator

Donchian Channel

Donchian Width

Ease Of Movement

Elder Ray Bull

Elder Ray Bear

Force Index

Highest High Lowest Low

Hull Moving Average

Ichimoku Clouds

Keltner Channel

Keltner Channel Exponential

Keltner Bands

Mass Index

McGinley Dynamic


Money Flow Index

Moving Linear Regression

On Balance Volume


Volume Oscillator

Price Performance

Pivot Points Bands

Plot Line

Price Volume Trend

Stochastic Momentum Index


True Strength Index

Turtle Channel

Turtle Channel Retracement

Volatility Stop

Negative Volume Index

Positive Volume Index


Open Interest


Weighted Close

Welles Wilder Volatility

Linear Regression Channel

Wilder Accumulative Swing Index

Retracement ATR High

Retracement ATR Low

Guppy Multiple Moving Average