Options Lists

By clicking on the ‘Options’ icon located in the Lists section you can pull in Barchart.com equity option lists directly into Excel.


Once selected, the Options list dialogue will display where you can select a list you wish to insert.



Depending on the list selected, the dialogue will update and provide different filtering options like Type of underlying security and Increase or Decrease in volatility or open interest.


The Fetch feature will allow you select the amount of rows to insert into your Excel sheet. The default selection is All but you can opt to display the the top 10, 50 or 100 results.


Once the list and filters are selected, click Insert to pull the list into your Excel sheet. If the Options List analyses the underlying security, you can apply apply additional fields through the Edit Fields button or insert a Custom View by clicking on the Main View.

Historical Unusual Options Activity (UOA)

You can view historical pages by choosing a date from the Historical date picker. This will show you the data for the page as of the chosen date. Historical Unusual Options Activity reports start at 05/14/2020.

filtering is available for either today's report or any historical date you select. Additional filter options include:

  • Symbol - enter one or more symbols (separated by commas)

  • Delta - greater than, less than, or between specific values

  • Options Type - view either Puts or Calls

  • Expiration Type - view either Monthly or Weekly expirations

  • Expiration Date - select a specific expiration date, or exclude options expiring after a specific expiration date

(Note: Vega, Theta and Rho fields are only available for the current or most recent session. Delta is the only Greek available historically for Unusual Options Activity data. For individual strike historical Greek data, please see the Options pages found here.

Options List Removal

Options lists inserted into a worksheet can be quickly removed by highlighting the Options List anchor cell, Clicking on the Options icon and selecting the Clear button.