Under the Support section of the Barchart for Excel ribbon you will find four different icons. Below are descriptions of each of these icons and their functions.



After clicking on the ‘About’ icon a dialogue will display that provides you with the latest build version of Barchart for Excel.

Whenever a new version of Barchart for Excel is pushed to production, after closing out of Excel and reopening the version number will update with the latest build.



Clicking on the Templates icon will take you to the Templates page within this user manual.



The Preferences icon will allow you to turn off both the History and Chart tooltip and the historical data refresh.



When clicking on the Help icon a drop down menu will display with four options: User Guide, Contact Support, Logging and Diagnostics.


The User Guide will take you to this support manual’s landing page. The Contact Support option will open up a new, external browser that will allow you to submit a support request directly to our support team.


The Logging option will allow you to quickly pull both your local Data Folder and Log folder.


Diagnostics will show your connection status to the various Barchart servers in addition to the IPs required for connectivity.