Microsoft Store vs. Downloaded Version

Barchart for Excel will only work on the downloaded version of Excel. Below are the steps to verify which version of Excel you are currently running.

Step 1: Open Task Manager and expand the application that you want to examine:

Step 2: Right-click on the app, then select ‘Go to details’: 

Step 3: On the Details tab of Task Manager, take a look at the Command Line column to see where the app is running from. If you do not have the Command Line column shown, right-click on the column headers and go to the Select Columns dialog to show it:

If the command line points to c:\Program Files\WindowsApps, then it’s a Microsoft Store app.


Check System Requirements

Barchart for Excel requires the following to operate:

-Windows 10

-Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later


-Microsoft Excel 2013 or later


Barchart for Excel Add-in Disabled

Step 1: Open Excel Options:

Step 2: Select Add-ins then click in the Manage drop down and select Disabled Items and then Go.

If Barchart for Excel is visible in the Disabled list, enable add-in.


Barchart for Excel Not Displaying in Ribbon

Step 1: Open Excel Options:

Step 2: Select Add-ins then click in the Manage drop down and select COM Add-ins and then Go.

Step 3: Make sure Barchart for Excel is checked.

If Barchart for Excel is checked but not displaying in the ribbon, Excel may have had instances running during the install. Uninstall Barchart for Excel, close down all instances of Excel and reinstall the Add-in.


Unregistered UDF Formulas

If Barchart for Excel cells are not populating data and displaying like below:

Step 1: Open Registry Editor:

Step 2: Go to:


Check to see if a key (OPEN or OPEN1 or OPEN2 or OPEN3…) with a value like below is present.

‘ /A "barchart.udfs" ‘ for Barchart for Excel

Step3: If not present, close out of all Excel instances (check Task Manager as well for any Excel instances).

Step 4: In the Registry Editor add the next free open key (OPEN or OPEN1 or OPEN2 or OPEN3) and the Barchart Excel value (/A "barchart.udfs) to Below:


Step 5: Close out of the Registry Editor and check Barchart for Excel again.


ClickOnce Trust Prompt Error

If you encounter the following error message when downloading Barchart for Excel, you will need to update your trust prompt configuration.

The below link allows you to change your configuration without having to manually update the registry.

Once downloaded, you can change the behavior setup to below and then redownload Barchart for Excel.



Barchart for Excel Update Errors

New versions of Barchart for Excel are periodically released to production and are automatically pushed to Excel via Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology. If you encounter issues with a Barchart for Excel update you will want to check your Windows Security and the Protection history.

The Protection history will display recent potential threats that were blocked. If Barchart for Excel’s files are present you will want allow Barchart for Excel’s files to auto update in the security settings. One way this can be accomplished is by adding the Barchart for Excel’s folder to the Exclusion list in Windows Security:


Diagnostics and Logging

If any or all of the troubleshooting above is unsuccessful:

Step 1: Click on the Help drop down located in the Support section of the Barchart for Excel ribbon and select Diagnostics:

Step 2: Check to see if all servers statuses are green (healthy connection):

Yellow will display when you are not logged in. The server status will be red if there is no internet connection or a connection can not be established to our servers. For the latter, you will want to check with the local system administrator.

To submit your Barchart for Excel logs:

Step 1: Click on the Help drop down located in the Support section of the Barchart for Excel ribbon and select Logging:

Step 2: Choose “Detailed” Log type:

Step 3: Reproduce the error encountered after selecting Detailed logging.

Step 4: Once reproduced, export the Detailed Log files and send to our support team at

Step 5: Once sent, change the Log Type back to Standard.