Streaming Quotes

Add a Quote

Click on the Quote icon in the Barchart for Excel ribbon and the Insert Quotes dialogue will display as shown below.


Here you can search for symbols by type and source in the left panel or via the exchange and instrument type drop downs to the right.

If you already know the ticker or symbol name, you can type into the search box and a list of suggested symbols will automatically display. 


You can remove any previously typed search text by clicking on the ‘x' or the '<-' icons in the search box or by simply highlighting and deleting. 

Once the desired symbol(s) are displayed you can double click or click and drag the symbol to the insert pane to the right of the search pane. 


By holding down the Shift key and using the arrow keys or mouse, you can select multiple symbols at one time. You can also hold Ctrl + A to select all symbols displayed in the search.

To view multiple futures expirations at one time, enter in the contract’s root symbol followed by *.


For multi-symbol entry, place a comma (without space) between each symbol. Once all symbols are entered, click on the symbol grouping (enclosed with brackets) or hit enter when the grouping is highlighted.


Once you have selected all of the desired instruments and moved them to the pane on the right, you should have a window that looks like below. 

Select your Fields 

Next, you will want to select the fields (data columns) you wish to display in your spreadsheet.


By clicking on the down arrow next to each field category, all of the fields specific to that category will display.


Check the box next to the field to add the field to your view. If you wish to add all fields in the category, check the box next to the category name. Uncheck any or all boxes to remove from the view.


If you wish to display all fields in all categories, click on the All ▼ button located in the upper right corner of the Fields drop down. Click the All ▲ to minimize all categories.


When you use the search field, use text to describe what data you want to add. For example, to find Moving Averages fields, start typing "mov" and possible matches will display.

To add a field from the results list, drag or check the field. The field is added to the bottom of the selected fields, where you can drag and drop it to a new position, if desired.


If you would like to add all the fields within a category, check the box next to the category’s name. A black checkmark will display and all fields in that grouping will be added to the Selected Columns section of the dialogue.


To remove all fields added to the Selected Columns, simply click the clear button located directly below custom views.


Any Custom Views created on and save in your My Barchart account can be applied to a Quote query by clicking on the 'Custom Views' button.

Once a view is selected the view’s name will display in Quote dialogue and editing an existing Quote query.


You can reposition the fields by dragging and dropping them to their desired position on the Insert Quotes dialog. Once the necessary fields are selected, click insert and all symbols and their corresponding fields will display like below.

Quote Fields 

General Symbol Info









Short Name

Futures Contract Name

Contract Date






Barchart SIC Symbol

SIC Description

Expiration Date




Has Options

First Notice Date




Prices & Volume


















Size x Bid



Size x Ask




Previous High Price

Previous Low Price

Previous Open Price

2-Days Ago Last Price

2-Days Ago High Price

2-Days Ago Low Price

2-Days Ago Open Price


Volume % Change


Yesterday’s Volume

Price Volume

Gap Up

Gap Up Percent

Gap Down

Gap Down Percent

Range %

Pivot Point

1st Resistance Point

2nd Resistance Point

1st Support

2nd Support

Fibonacci 38.2%

Fibonacci 50%

Fibonacci 61.8%

Last (Ext)

Change (Ext)

% Chg (Ext)

Last (Available)

Last Size (Available)

Last Time (Available)

End of Day Prices







Daily Last

Daily Open

Daily High

Daily Low

Daily Change

Daily % Change

Daily Volume

Daily Trade Date

Daily Opinion

Daily 20-Day Relative Strength

Daily 20-Day Historic Volatility

Daily 20-Day Avg Volume

Daily 52-Week Low

Daily 52-Week High

Daily Weighted Alpha

Daily YTD % Change

Daily 1-Month % Change

Daily 3-Month % Change

Daily 52-Week % Change

Daily Std Dev

Daily Date

Daily Previous Opinion

Daily Last Week's Opinion

Daily Last Month's Opinion





Weekly Prices







Weekly Last

Weekly Open

Weekly High

Weekly Low

Weekly Change

Weekly % Change

Weekly Volume

Weekly Std Dev

Weekly Date






Monthly Prices







Monthly Last

Monthly Open

Monthly High

Monthly Low

Monthly Change

Monthly % Change

Monthly Volume

Monthly Std Dev

Monthly Date






Price and Percent Change







5-Day Change

20-Day Change

1-Month Change

50-Day Change

3-Month Change

100-Day Change

6-Month Change

9-Month Change

200-Day Change

52-Week Change

YTD Change

2-Year Change

3-Year Change

5-Year Change

10-Year Change

20-Year Change

5-Day % Change

20-Day % Change

1-Month % Change

50-Day % Change

3-Month % Change

100-Day % Change

6-Month % Change

9-Month % Change

200-Day % Change

52-Week % Change

YTD % Change

2-Year % Change

3-Year % Change

5-Year % Change

10-Year % Change

20-Year % Change




Technical Analysis







1-Month Moving Average

3-Month Moving Average

6-Month Moving Average

9-Month Moving Average

52-Week Moving Average

YTD Moving Average

5-Day Moving Average

5-Day Moving Average

5-Day Moving Average

100-Day Moving Average

200-Day Moving Average

1-Month Average Volume

3-Month Average Volume

6-Month Average Volume

9-Month Average Volume

52-Week Moving Average

YTD Average Volume

5-Day Average Volume

20-Day Average Volume

50-Day Average Volume

100Day Average Volume

200-Day Average Volume

9-Day Raw Stochastic

14-Day Raw Stochastic

20-Day Raw Stochastic

50-Day Raw Stochastic

100-Day Raw Stochastic

9-Day Stochastic %K

14-Day Stochastic %K

20-Day Stochastic %K

50-Day Stochastic %K

100-Day Stochastic %K

9-Day Stochastic %D

14-Day Stochastic %D

20-Day Stochastic %D

50-Day Stochastic %D

100-Day Stochastic %D

9-Day Average True Range

14-Day Average True Range

20-Day Average True Range

50-Day Average True Range

100-Day Average True Range

9-Day Average Directional Index

14-Day Average Directional Index

20-Day Average Directional Index

50-Day Average Directional Index

100-Day Average Directional Index

9-Day +Directional Index

14-Day +Directional Index

20-Day +Directional Index

50-Day +Directional Index

100-Day +Directional Index

9-Day -Directional Index

14-Day -Directional Index

20-Day -Directional Index

50-Day -Directional Index

100-Day -Directional Index

9-Day Relative Strength

14-Day Relative Strength

20-Day Relative Strength

50-Day Relative Strength

100-Day Relative Strength

9-Day Percent R

14-Day Percent R

20-Day Percent R

50-Day Percent R

100-Day Percent R

9-Day Historic Volatility

14-Day Historic Volatility

20-Day Historic Volatility

50-Day Historic Volatility

100-Day Historic Volatility

9-Day MACD Oscillator

14-Day MACD Oscillator

20-Day MACD Oscillator

50-Day MACD Oscillator

100-Day MACD Oscillator

Weighted Alpha

Std Dev

Average Volume





Historical Highs and Lows







5-Day High

5-Day High Date

5-Day Low

5-Day Low Date

5-Day Change

5-Day % Change

5-Day # Highs

5-Day % High

5-Day # Lows

5-Day % Low

1-Month High

1-Month High Date

1-Month Low

1-Month Low Date

1-Month Change

1-Month % Change

1-Month # Highs

1-Month % High

1-Month # Lows

1-Month % Low

3-Month High

3-Month High Date

3-Month High Date

3-Month Low

3-Month Low Date

3-Month Change

3-Month % Change

3-Month # Highs

3-Month % High

3-Month # Lows

3-Month % Low

6-Month High

6-Month High Date

6-Month Low

6-Month Low Date

6-Month Change

6-Month % Change

6-Month # Highs

6-Month % High

6-Month # Lows

6-Month % Low

YTD High

YTD High Date


YTD Low Date

YTD Change

YTD % Change

YTD # Highs

YTD % High

YTD # Lows

YTD % Low

52-Week High

52-Week High Date

52-Week Low

52-Week Low Date

52-Week Change

52-Week Percent

52-Week # Highs

52-Week % High

52-Week # Lows

52-Week % Low

2-Year High

2-Year High Date

2-Year Low

2-Year Low Date

2-Year Change

2-Year % Change

2-Year # Highs

2-Year % High

2-Year # Lows

2-Year % Low

3-Year High

3-Year High Date

3-Year Low

3-Year Low Date

3-Year Change

3-Year % Change

3-Year # Highs

3-Year % High

3-Year # Lows

3-Year % Low

5-Year High

5-Year High Date

5-Year Low

5-Year Low Date

5-Year Change

5-Year % Change

5-Year # Highs

5-Year % High

5-Year # Lows

5-Year % Low

10-Year High

10-Year High Date

10-Year Low

10-Year Low Date

10-Year Change

10-Year % Change

10-Year # Highs

10-Year % High

10-Year # Lows

10-Year % Low

20-Year High

20-Year High Date

20-Year Low

20-Year Low Date

20-Year Change

20-Year % Change

20-Year # Highs

20-Year % High

20-Year # Lows

20-Year % Low


Portfolio Specific









Entry Date

Entry Price

Exit Date

Exit Price


Market Val


Total Profit

Total Chg

Total %Chg



Overall Opinion








Opinion Signal

Opinion Percent

Opinion Strength

Opinion Direction

Previous Opinion

Previous Opinion Signal

Previous Opinion Percent

Last Week's Opinion

Last Week's Opinion Signal

Last Week's Opinion Percent

Last Month's Opinion

Last Month's Opinion Signal

Last Month's Opinion Percent

Short Term Opinion

Short Term Opinion Signal

Short Term Opinion Percent

Medium Term Opinion

Medium Term Opinion Signal

Medium Term Opinion Percent

Long Term Opinion

Long Term Opinion Signal

Long Term Opinion Percent






Opinion Indicators







TrendSpotter Opinion

TrendSpotter Strength

TrendSpotter Direction

20 Day Moving Average

20 Day Mov Avg Strength

20 Day Mov Avg Direction

20-50 Day MACD Oscillator

20-50 Day MACD Osc Strength

20-50 Day MACD Osc Direction

20-100 Day MACD Oscillator

20-100 Day MACD Osc Strength

20-100 Day MACD Osc Direction

20-200 Day MACD Oscillator

20-200 Day MACD Osc Strength

20-200 Day MACD Osc Direction

50 Day Moving Average

50 Day Moving Avg Strength

50 Day Moving Avg Direction

50-100 Day MACD Oscillator

50-100 Day MACD Osc Strength

50-100 Day MACD Osc Direction

50-150 Day MACD Oscillator

50-150 Day MACD Osc Strength

50-150 Day MACD Osc Direction

50-200 Day MACD Oscillator

50-200 Day MACD Osc Strength

50-200 Day MACD Osc Direction

100 Day Moving Average

100 Day Moving Avg Strength

100 Day Moving Avg Direction

150 Day Moving Average

150 Day Moving Avg Strength

150 Day Moving Avg Direction

200 Day Moving Average

200 Day Moving Avg Strength

200 Day Moving Avg Direction

100-200 Day MACD Oscillator

100-200 Day MACD Osc Strength

100-200 Day MACD Osc Direction

7 Day Average Directional Indicator

7 Day Average Directional Strength

7 Day Average Directional Direction

9-18 Day MACD Oscillator

9-18 Day MACD Osc Strength

9-18 Day MACD Osc Direction

10-8 Day Moving Avg Hilo Channel

10-8 Day Mov Avg Hilo Strength

10-8 Day Mov Avg Hilo Direction

20 Day Bollinger Bands®

20 Day Bollinger Bands® Strength

20 Day Bollinger Bands® Direction

40 Day Commodity Channel Index

40 Day CCI Strength

40 Day CCI Direction

50 Day Parabolic Time/Price

50 Day Parabolic Strength

50 Day Parabolic Direction

60 Day Commodity Channel Index

60 Day CCI Strength

60 Day CCI Direction




Options (Equities)







Options Vol

% Put

% Call


Imp Vol

IV Rank

IV Percentile

Call Volume

Call Volume

Put Volume

Call OI

Put OI

Put/Call Volume Ratio

Put/Call Open Interest Ratio

5-Day Imp Vol

5-Day IV Rank

5-Day IV Percentile

5-Day IV High

5-Day IV Low

5-Day Avg Call Volume

5-Day Avg Put Volume

5-Day Avg Call OI

5-Day Avg Put OI

5-Day Put/Call Volume Ratio

5-Day Put/Call Open Interest Ratio

5-Day IV Change

1-Month Imp Vol

1-Month IV Rank

1-Month IV Percentile

1-Month IV High

1-Month IV Low

1-Month Avg Call Volume

1-Month Avg Put Volume

1-Month Avg Call OI

1-Month Avg Put OI

1-Month Put/Call Volume Ratio

1-Month Put/Call Open Interest Ratio

1-Month IV Change

3-Month Imp Vol

3-Month IV Rank

3-Month IV Percentile

3-Month IV High

3-Month IV Low

3-Month Avg Call Volume

3-Month Avg Put Volume

3-Month Avg Call OI

3-Month Avg Put OI

3-Month Put/Call Volume Ratio

3-Month Put/Call Open Interest Ratio

3-Month IV Change

6-Month Imp Vol

6-Month IV Rank

6-Month IV Percentile

6-Month IV High

6-Month IV Low

6-Month Avg Call Volume

6-Month Avg Put Volume

6-Month Avg Call OI

6-Month Avg Put OI

6-Month Put/Call Volume Ratio

6-Month Put/Call Open Interest Ratio

6-Month IV Change

YTD Imp Vol


YTD IV Percentile



YTD Avg Call Volume

YTD Avg Put Volume

YTD Avg Call OI

YTD Avg Put OI

YTD Put/Call Volume Ratio

YTD Put/Call Open Interest Ratio

YTD IV Change

1-Year Imp Vol

IV 1-Year High

IV 1-Year Low

1-Year Avg Call Volume

1-Year Avg Put Volume

1-Year Avg Call OI

1-Year Avg Put OI

1-Year Put/Call Volume Ratio

1-Year Put/Call Open Interest Ratio

1-Year IV Change

Edit a Quote

Edit existing Quotes by highlighting the Quotes anchor cell in the spreadsheet and then clicking the Quotes icon in the ribbon. Make desired changes including the addition, removal or reordering of symbols and fields and then select the Insert button to insert the newly formatted data into the spreadsheet.



After inserting any symbol, the Favorites tab will save these instruments for easy insertion later.

Upon opening Favorites, you will see a list of the last 20 symbols whose quote data was viewed. Double click, click and drag or highlight a grouping of symbols and click enter to add these symbols to the insert dialogue.

The Favorites dialogue can be enlarged by clicking on the pin icon in the upper right corner and then hidden by clicking the pin icon once again.


Data Removal

Quotes inserted into a worksheet can be quickly removed by highlighting the Quotes anchor cell, Clicking on the Quote icon and selecting the Clear button.